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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fourth and final Russel Wright haul (Status: Did I save the best for last?)

Last post for the RW haul.  So, "Tom" bought the RW collection at a storage locker sale about five years ago ("before they were popular", his parents said) and then he appears to have had no idea what to do with all of the stuff.  Finally, his parents told him it all had to go.  Interestingly, the original owner was the wife of a prominent Dayton doctor and, when fresh from college, she had been an intern in the Nixon/Ford White house.

Ya' big lug-lug handled bowls, that is.  There are 20 full size and 15 that are slightly smaller (berry bowls?).
Ahhhh, there are all the saucers to go with the full size and demitasse coffee cups (15 of each size) and 10 bread plates.
a double handed bowl or "bakers bowl"
A large oval serving bowl
A stick handled casserole, with lid
and a lovely pitcher
Once again, if anyone is interested in any of the pieces-I'm ready to deal.

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  1. You did save the best for last! The casserole and the pitcher usually go for big bucks. I have a stack of lug bowls that I love, as well as a large chartreuse serving bowl with those great turned-in edges. You definitely made the haul of the century on all this RW! Congrats!