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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cincinnati Modern show 2012 weekend (Status: a whole lot of wow)

I attended the Cincinnati Modern show on Saturday and it was packed with lovely pieces as well as people!   Any way, here are a bunch of pics with very little comment.

That's my friend Joanna looking cute in the Womb chair.  I had not attended in probably 5 years and I came close to buying exhibit space this year but I got cold feet since I had not seen the show in so long, plus I did not have enough time to fix up a bunch of pieces.  
I need to give a big "THANK YOU" to Bruce, who organizes this show every year, he stumbled on my lil' ol' blog while searching for a full Brasilia bed for his daughter. Bruce bought the bed and later was nice enough to send me a pair of tickets to the show (thanks again Bruce).

Some shot of a few booths to get the salivary glands watering

Charley Harper (the cool mid century artist, not the character that was played by Charlie Sheen on two and a half men) was a fixture at the show for quite some time.  He is still well represented by his foundation and the two booths were so packed I could only get a couple usable pic.

This work below is an original painting by Charley Harper that; it was completed while he was attending "The Academy" (Cincinnati Art academy).  It was the most expensive item at the show, $30,000.

Do you need some lights?

How about this glam dresser to reflect all those lights

Maybe you need a few Danish candle holders (whole collection was $350)

.All that walking around makes you want to sit.

Pretty sure that's not an Eames

It wasn't quite all mid Mod and deco.  Check out this set of wooden pipe organ pipes.  They have a sort-a tiki theme to the painting.

I really dug this great set of Redwing  "Crazy Rhythm" china (I couldn't fit the serving pieces in the pic)

There were a ton of HUGE mouth watering vintage posters.

 (my mother was a Woman Ordnance Worker during WW2-this sort-a looks like her)

Dig this early fifties Braun radio. So simple, minimalist and push button controls!

Why does the caged Joanna sing?
(she said that this would be the coolest bird cage, until it was full of bird crap)

This was a six foot tall Jare sculpture

Stay offthe  drugs and the art you make when on the drugs

(Joanna said her sleep overs looked like the painting on the right...oooo-kay, then)

There was a special exhibit of bakelite products

 Omg! (maybe even "omfg") look at all the colored Bakelite radios!
I thought this was so cool, the broach and then a life magazine cover with the same piece of jewelry.


  1. We need a show like this in the Tampa Bay area or even close. I would so be there. Thanks for sharing the great pics. I would have no problem identifying that great Heywood Wakefield set as I've worked on most of the pieces except that corner cabinet which I lust after!

    1. @A Modern Line- I had a chance to pick up one of those corner units for $90. I had to leave it because I had no way to transport it.

      Bruce told me there used to be a mid mod and Deco show in Miami but it folded due to lack of interest.

  2. Oh dear I need to schedule a road trip next year to attend this show! Oddly enough Chicago doesn't have a dedicated home decor/furniture show though we have tons of flea markets for clothing and jewelry.

    Did you buy anything? Or did you just molest all the high end vintage? :)

    1. They will be getting my drool stains off of stuff for weeks. Almost bought a couple of small things but did not pull that trigger. Found a Salem Northstar berry bowl at a Thrift store on the way home, though

  3. Looks like a great show! I'm loving that group of Kofod-Larsen brass arm chairs, and the Braun radio is very cool. We sold a Braun stereo designed by Herbert Hirsch a few months ago that had a gorgeous white control panel similar to the radio.

    1. The Kofod-Larsens were $500 ea. Another booth had a single K-L for $200, so I guess there were bargains to be had.

  4. Dammit. I shoulda packed up the wagons (Frank and Tinkerbell) and made the trip. I keep thinking I'm gonna do it...but then I fail. What I REALLY should do is re-arrange the garage and livingroom and have my OWN modernism show!

    1. @Mr Modtomic- We can split the cost of a booth next year