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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

20th Century Cincinnati show part one- my booth! (Status- long time no see)

The second to the last week of February brings with it the huge 20th Century Cincinnati show and sale.  This year Bopfish Vintage was among the 75 dealers at the show!  Here is a little tour of what the booth looked like when the doors opened.
Hi all,
I know it has been a while since I made a post, things have not been goodness and light here in the Bopfish Vintage household so I have just let the blog slide for a while; I'll try to update more regularly.

Anyway, I had an exceptional weekend at the show and came back with the van empty and much less in the u-haul trailer (yea, for my bank account!).  I spent a pretty solid two weeks preceding the show down in my basement refinishing furniture and all of that work paid off.
 Let's start our tour of my booth on the left hand side. I took a few pieces of freshly refinished Lane Acclaim, like this step end table (sold).  There is an Arthur Umanoff magazine holder (sold). I was very happy with the refin I did on that teak Arne Vodder sliding top desk (sold)-the top was ink stained and badly scratched. There are a pair of brass Laurel lamps and a Johannson-Pape mushroom type lamp (sold) and a couple of flip clocks.
 Back in the left corner is a yellow stripped overman lounge chair and ottoman, that is very "naptastic".  In the background is my Kipp Stewart for Drexel "Sun Coast" buffet and banquet.  Up front is a Lane Acclaim coffee table (sold) with a setting for eight of Epic brand "Prince pattern silverware and another setting of eight epic brand ed brown composite silverware (sold).  In the middle was my crown jewel, A fully refinished Drexel Declaration tale with two leaves and eight chairs (sold).  On top I had a setting for eight of Taylor Smith Taylor "Cathay" dinnerware (sold).
 Here we see the Fritz Hanson folding tray table (sold) another Acclaim piece (sold) and the set of Helge Sibast #6 chairs.
 I brought quite a bit of china with me.  Leading up to the show I discovered a couple of really nice, full sets in my hometown which made the trip.  On the left is a setting for eight+ with serving dishes of Harkerware "Springtime" (sold), net to that is a setting for eight plus serving dishes of Metlox Poppytrail "Yorkshire" dishes from 1937.  On the right are a number of Russel Wright Iroquois Casual pieces (sold a few)
 Here is a better look at the Harkerware.
 Doesn't the Metlox "Yorkshire" look like sherbet?
Along the right side of the booth was more china.  On the left was a bunch of Russel Wright for Stubbenville "American Modern" (I sold a ton!  I sold it pretty cheap since I picked it up super-duper cheap).  On the right is my Ben Seibel for Raymore Universal "Golden Burst" (I sold a few pieces).

I want to show off the Drexel Declaration table and chairs because I was damn proud of the refinishing job.  I was very pressed for time and I had to do the refinishing in rather cramped, smelly, dark parts of my basement for the chairs and leaves, then strip and refinish the table in my kitchen since it would not fit down the stairs.  
 This is the way it looked at the show, a real head turner!  This set sold in the first thirty minutes of the show but the people who bought the set could not take it until the next day so it sat in my booth for the weekend.  It really drew people in to the booth; I could have sold TEN of these!
  The top looked kinda beat, before.
 This is a side chair before, all groddy and with horrible upholstery (actually, there were FIVE layers of old upholstery), then after my  ministrations  and a new upholstery job.
 The Captains chairs were solid but...nasty from HARD use ("rode hard, put up wet" is the phrase that comes to mind).    After my hard work they glowed with health!

In a few days I will post some picture of other people stuff, it is tough to look around when you have to mind a booth so it is not my usual through picture bonanza.


  1. Sounds like you really did well at the show. Your refinishing jobs look great. Ever consider that as a part-time gig? The Harkerware is fantastic!

  2. @Dana@Mid2Mod- Thank you Dana, I've considered the refinishing game but I consider it more of a necessary evil rather than a calling. I just don't have the money to buy perfect pieces so of necessity I have developed the skills to polish the rough and beaten into shiny gems. Gotta admit that I don't love doing it though.

  3. Oh yeah, when I found the Harkerware I thought to my self "This would look fantastic on a Heywood Wakefield dining set". The folks who bought it will actually be featuring it on their newly refinished H/W triple wishbone table with dog bone chairs. Good to know Istill have a feel for this stuff

  4. Still looking for a Drexel Declaration dining set of my own. They're one of my absolute favorites. Great job on the refinishing. I wouldn't even know where to start on a job like that. Takes a lot of patience and hard work.

  5. Your booth looks amazing! I have got to try to get down to this Cincy show sometime...