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Monday, February 20, 2012

I melted for these Dairy Queen glasses (Status: odd numbers)

Found these in a north western suburb of Columbus called Hilliard.  Sadly, I saw this same set right before Christmas and there were six glasses (and the Goodwill wanted $36).  Something must have happened; I like to think someone threw a fit over the price and broke half the set.
Oh well, half a set means I paid no where near that price and I get some cool glasses.


  1. YAY Dairy Queen, I have fond memories of visiting the DQ stand/shack in Maui as a kid-- always got a banana milkshake and chicken fingers. :)

    Also $36 is an INSANE price, it makes me sad when the thrifts go crazy with the pricing.

  2. I sort of used to have one of these. A friend bought me one for a gift. Unfortunately she dropped it before she gave it to me! I think I still have the broken pieces stashed somewhere. Great glasses!

  3. What cool highball glasses! It's to bad about the full set, I hate it when they have 8 non matching glasses in a really cool carrier and want $16.00 for the set BOO-HISS i'd much rather just have the carrier!

  4. I think those fabulous glasses need to have chocolate milkshakes in them! I also saw the expensive set in the glass case at Goodwill and mumbled a few choice words!