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Friday, December 30, 2011

The elegance that was Modern Star (Status: Last post of 2011... maybe)

I went exploring, on the day after Christmas, in the area surrounding my home town and reeled in a set of Homer Laughlin Modern Star china.
I have, over the years, found the odd piece of Modern Star (a berry bowl here or a bread plate there) and I have always thought that finding a set was akin to finding a ...uh... something really, really hard to find. 
I kinda freaked when I spotted this complete six place setting set at a goodwill in a very small town located near my home town.
 I really find this design to be quite elegant where other markedly mid century designs are playfully spacey (Jamaica Bay, Cathay, Starburst) or rigidly plain (Russel Wright, Lu-Ray, Fiesta)-don't get me wrong I LOVE all of those but Modern Star seems classier.  It's the delicate nature of the gold, silver, black star burst on the slightly off-white china and finished with the silver rim on all of the pieces that does it for me.
 Here are the bowls.  Six shallow coup bowls and six berry bowls.
 Six saucers and six coffee cups
Six dinner plates and six bread plates
Interestingly, this set has two different Modern Star marks, one in green and one in swanky silver.

I've been on a roll with china and lamps lately.


  1. Those are beautiful! Nice find!

  2. Excellent score, I've picked up the odd piece of Modern Star here and there over the years too, I think I only have 3 berry bowls and a few of the dessert plates. You're right, there's something about the white and the silver that makes it seem classier.

  3. @The Thriftaholic (Leilani)- I had found 2 berry bowls, 5 saucers and a bread p.late prior to finding this set; I wondered if dinner plates even existed

  4. I just purchased a set of 10 dinner plates, 17 saucer plates, 14 salad plates, 14 salad bowls, 18 berry bowls, 13 cups, creamer, sugar bowl, platter, and a large serving bowl. All for $100! The seller included a "matching" 12 place setting set Oneida Twin Star stainless flatware with a few misc. serving pieces. One chipped cup, one chipped lid for the sugar bowl, and missing a fork and spoon from the flatware. A solid 10 piece place setting though! I am so excited! I'll pair them with silver rimmed wine glasses. So cool!

  5. Congratulations everyone! Modernstar IS a cut above most MCM tableware. Your new assignment? Find a Tamac barbecue cup! It will knock you to the moon!!