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Monday, July 18, 2011

Jackpot today at the Goodwill! Adrian Pearsall (?) and TST Jamaica Bay

Stopped by a couple of Goodwills here in Columbus and hit the jackpot at the second one!  I can not quite identify the chair but it has the hallmarks of an Adrian Pearsall design or it might be a Widdicomb.  Paid for the chair then looked at the rest of the store- POW!  an 90 piece set of Taylor Smith Taylor, Color Craft, Jamaica Bay china!  I also got a nice teak magazine holder, too.

Where to start... I'll start with the chair.  The chair was reupholstered sometime between 1965 and 1984 (the upholsterer sewed a tag on the bottom and I found a record of the business; they went out of biz in 1984)  so all the makers tags are gone.  I've spent a good 5 hours pouring over Google image and Ebay; It has that weird swept back and the wood along the bottom that makes me think Adrian Pearsall but I saw a piece by Widdicomb that was also similar... Gah!  well, it's cool looking, isn't it.

I saw the chair as soon as I walked in and knew I wanted it so I went up to the register to pay for it before someone else got their greedy lil' mitts on it.  I then took a circuit around the store - (humming) la lala la, small appliances- nada, lamps- nuttin', art- zip, pot and pans-uh uh, dishes- WHAMO!  

My eyes bugged out and an electrical shock ran through me; NINTY (90) pieces of Taylor Smith Taylor, Color Craft, Jamaica Bay pieces!  I ran (I would have run over anyone in my way) to grab a cart and loaded the awesome haul.  $40 bucks latter and it was mine (it's mine, it's mine; I'm a greedy miser).
Here's what it consists of: 1 Covered butter dish, 1 creamer, 1 covered sugar, 15 saucers, 16 bread plates, 1 small serving bowl, 2 larger serving bowls.
14 dinner plates, 16 berry bowls, 5 coup bowls (sorta shallow soup bowls), 2 large oval platters
15 coffee cups and 1 divided relish dish (looks like a canoe).
On my way to the register I picked up this teak magazine holder that was lookin' all lonely and forgotten.  It was dirty and dried out but you can see the magic that is Howard' "Feed-n-Wax"-  Glowing with health and vitality, now.
Okay, my next post will be the stuff I found in Akron a few weeks ago.


  1. The magazine holder is by Arthur Umanoff, manufactured in Japan and from the "World Wide Collection" for Washington Woodcraft circa 1964.

  2. That chair's proportions are hilarious and I think I love it! Reminds me of "Fat Bottomed Girls."

  3. Jonathan- Thanks for the info. I know you are the "go to guy" for Paul McCobb but didn't know you were dabbling in other designers.

    Vintage Hunter- not only do they make the rockin' world go round but, sometimes they need to sit.

  4. I LOVE your thrill and excitement over things..that chair is BRILLIANT. What a jackpot. All I found here in KC today (105 heat index by the way) was a mid century round foot stool. I was pleased as punch with that but nothing compares to your finds!

  5. Dog! That TST JamBay is such a sweet score! Nicely done Sir...nicely done!

  6. Mr. Modtomic- Thank you sir, it is high praise coming from you.

    Barbe- I'm always willing to act as "native guide" or shopping companion to the thrifts of Columbus.

  7. I have an ENORMOUS stash of Jamaica Bay in a storage unit--I've always loved it--and love your excitement. I think I remember having everything you have--PLUS coffee pot, serving pieces etc. I wish you could contact me.

    1. @garycatcat -Drop me an email