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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Almost a double Milo Baughman find near my hometown (Status: had a nice little run going for a couple of weeks)

Back on July 15 I posted an awesome leather and chrome sofa that I found in a city near my hometown.  Well, I have held in my back pocket the item I found the following week in that same city near my hometown.  Here is the picture from Craigslist that caught my eye
Is that a Milo Baughman Case loveseat?  Maybe, but I sort-of doubt it, it was sold by the time I contacted the seller (bummer).  Oh well, I had to comfort myself with the other item in the ad.  Here is the Craigslist picture of the item that was also for sale but was not in the ad headline.
This looked promising so I drove over to check it out.  I flipped the chair up to find the tag and... BINGO!
James Industries was a subsidiary of Thayer Coggin and they produced this recliner designed by Milo Baughman.  Ohhhhhh yes, Mr. Modtomic, it is naptastic!
I hid my excitement from the seller and handed him the $25 asking price.  I still need to do a little work on it; for example, the scissors extenders need a sanding and a new coating of paint
I'll refinish the wood because this chair saw quite a few naps

The main issue that I need to address are a few makeshift structural repairs.  They are sturdy, but inelegant, repairs that leave a slight wiggle when you deploy the footrest.

This is going to be a nice chair and is a keeper


  1. Congrats on a nice find, especially for $25. I love Baughman recliners!