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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hey, wake up! (Status:another side table)

A day of mixed results, yesterday.  The first stop I made was at the Greater Columbus Antique Mall (aka: the German Village Antique Mall), where I nabbed this Heywood Wakefield 308G side table; the stops at 12 thrift stores, however, left the Bopfish nets totally empty.
The Greater Columbus Antique Mall is an odd building that once, long ago, housed the Columbus Maennerchor (a very popular singing society founded by German immigrants).  The building started out as a grand victorian house then was added to and is now a difficult to navigate warren of booths, spaces and rooms that are spread over 4 floors; the place has no natural rhythm or flow.  Half of the vender spaces are unruly and dusty and it is seldom where you will find any mid mod goodies, tons of Victoriana though.  One of these filthy jumbled spaces was having a 75% off sale and that's where I found this down-on-its-heels Heywood Wakefield 308G side table.
$40 later, I have another project.
Here's some of the damage on the top tier.
 and on the bottom tier
It most certainly is a Heywood Wakefield 308G
Whats that date stamp say?
Well, nothing some elbow grease, lots of sanding and one of those "re-finish your Heywood Wakefield" kits can't fix.  I bet "A Modern Line" would have this sucker sanded and refinished before I could finish typing this blog entry.


  1. Yeah, I just happened to be checking in on the "blogosphere" before retiring and couldn't resist. H/W made quite a few of the 308G tables and I suppose they must have been very popular as I've found them to be some of the easiest to find although normally never in a condition that doesn't need some work. Your table is about the condition I normally see and $40 is a good price if you don't mind doing the refinsihing. I have one in house right now for $249 in "champagne" and another pair in storage that need to be done. I've been somewhat remiss about the H/W refinsihing posts and I guess my last good post for pre/post stuff was here: Let me know if you need some help with how to attack your project and I'd be glad to give you some pointers if you need them!

  2. more enterprising than I am...which is another way of saying I'm a lot lazier than you are...LOL I can't wait to see it when you're finished.

  3. Nice find! We were just there two weeks ago and that table was NOT 75% off at the time. Lucky you! Good luck on the refinish.