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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hi, my name is Bopfish and I am a blender junkie (Status: new blender for the collection)

An Osterizer Imperial Dual Range Cyclomatic 14 (say that four times fast).  Ya'll likes the vintage blenders, I know you do, the stats don't lie.
This baby is really "blender-ific" (I'm-a gonna copywrite that term).  It has all of the things I like on a vintage blender- lots of switches, knobs and a chromed steel housing.
That knob on the left-that's a timer!  It lets you time your pulsating blends (your cycles); you turn it on or off with the knob on the right.  Kick ass!  It's "dual range" because the seven buttons each have two settings (one for "Hi" and one for "Low").
Natch, you get the heavy duty glass vessel with its handle attached by a chrome steel band.  
In case of vessel breakage, you could get a new vessel, unscrew the metal band and attach your old handle to the new vessel;  So practical.
"Osterizer Imperial Dual Range Cyclomatic 14" is kind-a a mouthful so, it's also known as the model 879.


  1. Great blender! What's not to love?

  2. What year is this blender, I have one but can't find the year made.