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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jaru ceramics golden, cubist dog (Status: The Damaja or golden retrevier)

While out doing a swing through the West end thrift sores, I picked up this great Jeru gold, cubist dog statue at the Ohio Thrift in the old Central Point shopping center.  Man, I wish Bubba had been around for a photo shoot.

Jaru Art Products was started by Jack (Ja) and Ruth (ru) Hirsch in 1950 and acted as an umbrella under which work for  many different artists was manufactured. Eventually Jaru created their own lines, most notably, after absorbing two former Bauer designers, V. Houser and R. Red. 

Two other artists who had their work manufactured by Jaru are Edmund Rónaky and Peterson Studios.  Rónaky created an iconic pitcher shape and design which fits with this pitcher I found back in October.
The company lasted into the 1990s by diversifying into generic decorative items.  This cubist dog (maybe a beagle) seems to be from the 1970s, when Jaru would mark pieces on the side and also place a paper sticker on the bottom. 

I have seen dogs, seals, bears, cats and the nude human form manufactured by Jaru in this cubist style; they seem to be quite popular, with the metallic being the most coveted finish.
Most of the information on Jaru was condensed from and article on


  1. I've been lusting after a Jaru cat for some time now, sadly I've yet to see any of them "in the wild", only online. Excellent find, the dog looks a little like The Sphynx in profile!

  2. I had seen Jaru owls, but I hadn't seen the cubist style animals. Great post...and great find!

  3. @The Thriftaholic (Leilani) -The woman at the checkout seemed to think it was a sphinx, as well. I'm a cat guy so I would love to find a cubist kitty, too.

    @Dana@Mid2Mod -Thanks for the compliment. I always find your posts so informative that I want to try to beef-up some of my posts

  4. We have it's cousin - The Cubist Ram in Gold Chrome. Thank you for your valuable information, as well as sharing this beautiful work of art. We hope to find a good home for the ram.

  5. I just found a Jaru August gold cat in the wild. Marked Jaru 1978. I paid $1.50 for it. Is it valuable? Still learning so be kind! Lol.