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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Toastmaster Sovereign IV B180 toaster (Status: Got a handle on the situation)

I've been finding neat kitchen gadgets lately; the latest is a cool toaster with a unique feature...
What feature could cause me to buy this as my first vintage toaster?
What's that on the side?
Holy crap, its got a handle!  You can pick it up when it's still hot and the handle also allows you to lift the toaster with one hand (I never thought about how you usually need to use two hands to pick up a toaster)
 Natch, it also has a darkness setting knob.
Name plate.
And the model number is B180.  Probably made in the mid seventies.
Dig the vintage ad I found at yup, that's the home of the Vintage Toaster Foundation-your source for vintage toaster info (why isn't there a vintage blender appreciation group?)


  1. Thank you for changing my life and posting a link to the Vintage Toaster Foundation. I'm afraid of old wiring so don't own many vintage appliances. I can definitely admire from afar though. You should start a blender appreciation group!

    1. @The Thriftaholic (Leilani) - I am all about changing lives with the power of my blog ;-)

  2. Those toasters look so cool...but I don't really understand the ad. If the woman already has the plates in her hand, why does she need to carry the toaster to the table? Wouldn't she just put the toast on the plates? :)

    1. @Dana@Mid2Mod - The woman in the ad is actually clearing the table.

  3. Oh snap...that is a rad toaster, yo! I love the inventiveness of the post war / late post war era. Looks more mid to late '60s to me, but I ain't no kinda expert or nothin'.