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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Russel Wright haul part the third (Status: tea-ing off)

The last email I sent to the guy with this RW collection asked him if I needed to bring boxes and packing material or was the collection already packed; no reply.  I loaded some boxes and bubble wrap, just to be sure, and made the hour long drive to the Dayton area.  
A man answered the door when I knocked and I asked if he was "Tom".  No, "Tom" is my son, he replied.  I said I was supposed to meet "Tom" about his RW collection.  Dad said "Tom" wasn't there and he didn't know anything about me picking up the RW (frickin' wonderful).  Dad called "Tom", who said it was "all good" (yes, yes he did). Mom and Dad then showed me to the basement and a bunch of random boxes and paper for packing and the shelves of RW.  After an hour of packing I was on my way.
Oh man,  MORE demitasse cups and another coffee cup
I'm a little tea pot and a tea pot and a tea pot and a tea pot and a tea pot and a tea pot and a tea pot, short and stout. This is my handle and this is my spout.


  1. Your RW haul is INSANE. Will you be using it or will be it tucked away into a china cabinet? I'm jealous of those tea pots, I don't even drink tea but I'm in love with the design.

  2. @The Thriftaholic (Leilani) - I'm planning to sell most of the haul. A few pieces may linger in the china cab but I'm not big on the coral, I like the sea foam green, sea foam blue and chartreuse.