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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Regal 40 cup coffee urn (Status: like the coffee rocket)

Hosting the church social or bridge club?  Then you need the Regal 7016 coffee urn (sometimes referred to as "the Regal rocket"), the urn with a 40 cup capacity!

Look at those wooden tripod legs, like on a clockwork Martian war machine, and that slight taper to the cannister.. there is everything mid century about this big bertha of a coffee maker.

And there is the death ray/ heat ray, or maybe it's a cylon?
Lookie, the cord is inside (I wouldn't have purchased it with out a cord)
Conveniently marked on the side, how many cups of hot bean juice.


  1. I love how this looks like a miniature rocket ship, so atomic! Where do you keep this bad boy?

    Also in response to your oomment on my blog: Wow, I'd love to see your mother's cloak, I have yet to find a colored velvet one in person (only seen them online).

  2. Just scored one these babies today at the local Goodwill. Mint condition, no box. Looks fabulous with my pewter.