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Monday, January 30, 2012

Pt 2 of the Russel Wright haul (Status: swimmin' in coral)

I spotted the ad for 150+ pieces of Russel Wright in Craigslist for Dayton and fired off an email, assuming that that the collection had probably already sold, as the ad was three weeks old by this point.  I had no reply after five days but decided to send another email; this time I received a message back that the collection was still available (yeah!) but that was all it said.  
Long story short, the guy who had the RW collection seemed to only respond to every two-to-three emails or calls (one time he said he returned my call but didn't want to leave a message).  Finally I had a date, time and address... a month after my first email.
 7 salad/ luncheon plates
10 bread plates
3 rectangular platters
one divided vegetable


  1. What's with weird CL folks? A woman sent me money by PayPal a couple of weeks ago for a set of Frankoma because she said she was afraid I'd sell it to someone else, and I've never heard from her since. No clue when, or if, she's going to come pick it up. ::shaking head:: I'm glad you finally got the set from your oddball seller. It's quite the haul.

    I've been meaning to ask you if you ever visited my friend's Wretched Excess booth at the Heritage Square Antique Mall. Last time I talked to her, she had sold most of her furniture and was starting to take vintage clothes to the booth.

  2. The pink RW is so pretty! Probaby my favorite color along with Chartreuse. Any green in your collection?

  3. @Dana@Mid2Mod - Oh, there's more to the story. I've been to Heritage Square many times (I'd like to get a booth until I can find a shop location) so I.m sure I have browsed your friends booth, but I pay little attention to the names of the booths. Next time I'm there I will keep my eyes peeled.

    @BrendaG510 - There is a tiny amount of chartreuse but this collection is 91.2% coral (14 of 156 are not coral)