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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jamaica Bay coffee cups (Status: two week wait for this?)

I'm still going through the huge haul of Russel Wright I bought a couple of weeks ago so for now I present some orphan Jamaica Bay coffee cups I picked up a couple of days after Christmas at the North High Goodwill.

Yeah, this is all that was there, five kick-ass Taylor Smith Taylor Jamaica Bay coffee cups.  I suspect that there may have been a bunch of dishes that came into the GW and were snatched-up toote sweet (I can speak me some frog) but the snatch-e did not look at the coffee cup endcap, so these remained.  Their loss is my gain (amateurs).
Mmmmmm, you are so spacey and modern with your googie graphics!
Compare and contrast Jamaica Bay with the similar Cathay pattern.  I wish I had a coffee cup in the Moderne pattern, as well.


  1. The Jamaica Bay cups have a really cool shape. We sold a set of Cathay not too long ago on eBay. I actually like the inside of the Jamaica Bay cup in blue better than the green Cathay.

  2. What a nice little score! I prefer the Jamaica Bay cups as well. Very cool shape. I'm guessing you hit the new High Street store opening on Saturday so i'm waitting to see your haul! We didn't go until about 2:30 because we didn't realize the store was opening that was packed.

  3. @Dana@Mid2Mod- I really do like the blue Jamaica Bay better, as well.

    @BrendaG510- I got to the new GW about noon thirty and it was packed; I only found a couple of pieces of Pyrex. I've been back a couple of times and have left empty hand.