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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Russel Wright haul Pt. 1 (Status:rosy, in the pink)

Right  (Wright) around Christmas I spotted an ad on the Dayton (home of two brothers named Wright) Craigslist for a 150+ piece Russel Wright collection.  I'm breaking the haul down into several posts for more bite-sized consumption.  Here are the first three boxes.
Almost all of the collection is Steubenville American Modern with the lone exception of this Iroquois covered butter dish in Ripe Apricot.
Naturally there are a bunch of dinner plates
and coffee cups
also available in demitasse
There is also this large platter
there are a couple of sugar bowls (one without a top)
 Oops, here's another one (sneaky little sucker was hiding)
You need some creamers to go with your sugars?
Disappointingly, in a collection this large, you get a few incomplete pieces-like this sugar or teapot lid missing its pot and this butter dish with no lid. 

If you see anything in these posts that you need for your collection, drop me a note and I will cut you a sweet deal.

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