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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spoon! My first piece of Russel Wright flatware (Status: Look, Bubba's back!)

You all scoffed at the spoon and choose the lamp, well now it's time for the spoon to have its day in the sun!  

Russel Wright for Hull, soup spoon.

I found it in the Mansfield, Ohio Goodwill which is coincidently the same Goodwill where I found the white RW Iroquois 2 quart covered casserole during my birthday orgy of thrifting (did I say "coincidently", hmmmmm...).
Yes, it drives me crazy to know that the rest of the flatware set is/was floating around somewhere
Get ready for a bunch of Russel Wright posts in the next week because Sunday I'm picking up a monster collection of over 150 RW for Steubenville American Modern pieces.  It's mostly (95%) in coral, so if you've been looking for some specific pieces, hit me up and I'll cut ya' a deal.

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