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Friday, October 26, 2012

Refinishing trilogy finale- Danish surfboard coffee table and step end table (Status: refinishing like a mofo)

I think I've got the hang of this refinishing thing; I may not be a professional but man can I breath some life into battered furniture!  For my last refinishing project post, I'm showing off a step end table and a low Danish style coffee table.
OMG, this surfboard style table is totally fu...(hey, this is a family blog)..fugg'd up!  I bought this table for $5.00 at a Salvation Army; most people would say that I over paid and that this table needs salvation.
Here are some more pics of the fugg'd-uped-ness

All I needed to do was to perform a little magic (strip it with Zinsser, sand it with 120 grit, stain with Varathane dark walnut gel stain, coat of poly, sand with 220 grit and poly once more) and 
Oh, yes I did!
Now lets look at one of a pair of simple, sleek step end tables.
Gee, that looks pretty bad...
Ewwww, what's it look like up close?
That was grody to the max
but this is what a little elbow grease (and stain remover, sanding, new stain and poly) can do
and from a bit further back
I think the term "OMG" could apply again


  1. You definitely saved those pieces from a landfill! You'll make a nice little profit on them now. Good job!

    1. No Doubt! You're not just fattening up your Karmic Wallet!

  2. We may use different methods but those tables turned out really nice. My hats off to an excellent save!

  3. Just curious, are you a Frank Zappa fan? Reason I ask is because of the song Valley Girl and your use of descriptive words to describe your before and after.

    1. @ AtomicHipster -I appreciate Frank (and Moon Unit) but I'm not a huge fan, I did see him in concert around 87 or 88 and my Dad sat next to him on a flight from Columbus to L.A. Zappa's cool.