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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Overview of my Indiana haul (Status: wrap-up and introducing another cat to the blog)

Last post about my Indiana/National Road thrifting trip.  Just some better looks at the goods PLUS you get to meet anther neighborhood cat, Max.

Max hangs out on my front porch every day since his humans were evicted (okay, I feed him so that probably has something to do with it).  Usually when I do these photo shoots he meanders to some less congested spot in the yard but, on this day, he decided to take part in the photo shoot (he probably heard how fun it is to get your picture taken from Bubba).
There he is draped with the cool piece of barkcloth I bought at Domi Style.
Here are some of the smalls.  Max napped while I was shooting some of the smalls
The orange fiberglass chair from the Goodwill Outlet, where you pay by the pound, and part of a nice little melamine collection I picked up after it was dark and I was leaving Richmond Indiana.
Here is the Danish style chair and the rest of the Melamine collection. I really dig the square-ish Texasware pieces

I thought about passing on the collection (I have melamine pieces coming out of my...places melamine pieces shouldn't be located) BUT, there was this little robins egg blue Holiday bowl with red speckles by Kenro.  I didn't have any specked melamine and now I do- "yea" for collecting!

Here are some better shots of the smalls, starting from the upper left
I picked up this plastic fighter jet at the Goodwill outlet
Here is Max and the paint by numbers.  I don't think he liked the winter theme, since he is homeless.
Max gives the tiki glasses a critical look (I think he liked them because they are warm weather items).  Funny thing about these glasses; I just ate at the new tiki restaurant in Columbus (the Grass Skirt) and my traditional Mai Tai came in this exact same glass but cost more than 10 times what I paid for one of these (gooooooood Mai Tai, though).
 I found this at Domi Style but Mr. Modtomic posted the same desk top lamp/clock/radio about a year back (riding Mr. Mod's coattails)
 The clock works (wouldn't it be cool with a flip clock?
As does the radio.   The radio and lamp controls.  Apparently the whole unit is called the "Slumber Center".
 The lamp retracted
The lamp extended like a giraffe.
The ten orange Blendo glasses (I have a number of Blendo bowls and pitchers but very few glasses). 
Here is the Noritake Mardi Gras pattern platter.  I have a large collection of this pattern, enough to seat twelve I think, but I am not totally sold on the pattern; I think it makes me think of Howard Johnson's.
The little creamer from Greenfield ("Swiss Chateau" or just "Chateau" pattern... something like that).

I found these two vintage 1950 children's books at the Goodwill outlet

This one was one of those activity books

 Much of the book was filled in
 Hmmm, in 1950 the mail came at 10:00, bath time was 7:30 and put-away time was 8:00.
 I really liked this ballerina silhouette and though I would use it for a band show flier.
Kinda boring furniture but the sofa has a kinda Gilbert Rohde feel.

The best was this pop-up book
 Look out for the amazing 3-D effect!  They pop right off the page!
 West Point
 The Grand Canyon
 Not sure which mountains but I would guess in California
This must be sea side in San Diego or around LA

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  1. Max is so cute. He is yours now right? Posted by the Bloggers for Keeping Max Association.