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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Indiana picking part the third (Status: East side of Indy to Greenfield)

There are lots of thrifts and antique places between Indy and Richmond Indiana, I had a list of 19 thrift stores and antique malls to start with and I found LOTS more along the way.  I didn't actually buy that much but, I found items here and there.  Let's join the National Rd at the Salvation Army located at 8310 E. Washington St (the National Rd/Rt. 40 through Indy).

This Thrift did not appear in my pre-trip search for thrifts along the National Rd (YEA, BONUS THRIFT!)
I found a nice paint by numbers winter scene and a Noritake Mardi Gras pattern platter to add to my extensive collection of the pattern.
 Just a bit further east was the City Thrift at 10435 E. Washington St.  This thrift relocated from where my pre-trip research showed (sneaky thrift store trying to hide from the Bopfish).  It is also referred to as the Disabled American Veterans thrift, or "DAV" (people just say DAVE).
 I didn't buy anything here but I saw these new-old-stock Star wars sheets in their original 1977 packaging ($49.99 each). 
My last thrift for the first day's drive was in Greenfield Indiana.  I hit this Goodwill at 8:00, just as a little rain was falling.
 I passed on a stack of pink Boontonware berry bowls (I have a TON of pink Boontonware) and I missed out on a super great gold tone hanging pendant light that I saw in some other lucky thrifter's cart.  I only snagged this creamer (this is chateau pattern or something swiss-ish, right?).
Next post: A visit to a famous film site/shrine to Indiana's obsession to basketball.

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  1. That's a cool Noritake pattern. I wasn't familiar with it. I'd love to see photos of your entire collection.