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Monday, October 1, 2012

DomiStyle, resale furniture store in Indianapolis (Status: Eastern Indiana Pt. 2)

Hi all,
While passing through Indianapolis I tried to hit a couple of small antique malls located in the Fountain Square district, unfortunately they were closed by 5:00, when the Readers Digest photo shoot ended, BUT I stumbled on this great furniture resale shop named DomiStyle (1315 Shelby Street, Indianapolis 64203).  Here are a few highlights.
As you can see, the building is almost a block long and it is pretty full of furniture and accessories, not all of it is mid mod (maybe a quarter).
BAM! This was hanging right inside the door.  Yup, it's a giant 4' by 3'Carlo of Hollywood picador painting for $89!
Dig this cool shadowbox hanging over the sales counter ($200, if I remember correctly).
They have all kinds of things, like this was a weird piece that caught my eye; it's a blood drawing station (I don't know what I would do with this but it sure is interesting)
How about this 1950s upholstered child's armchair rocker ($78)
There was this pretty great lamp, I know you folks like lamps ($40, I think)
It was on top of this danish style desk with chair along with a nice drip glaze lamp.

I might have snagged this Danish style bedroom set if I had been driving a van. $299 but no nightstands.
How about a wrought iron  desk and chair (maybe $175, things get blurry with time)
 A nice tall blonde china cab, only $125.
How's about a really great looking Predicta?  The tag say that it comes on and the picture tube lights but no guarantee that you get a picture. ($600)

What did I buy? 
Well, I have a four door Volvo Sedan so I have to keep myself restrained unless I want to strap something to the roof so all I picked up was a piece of bark cloth and a super cool clock-radio desk light combo.  I'll have better pictures of all my pickings when I wrap up the trip posts.

The next post will cover eastern Indy, Greenfield and Knightstown Indiana; all along the historic National Road (Rt. 40)


  1. Nice little Loroman metal desk. I know they aren't very valuable, but I've always thought they were cute.

  2. Hi Bobfish.

    Nice clock / radio / lamp! I've got one like that too that I also bought while on a roadtrip! And "DomiStyle"? Get outta here! That name is so great...I shoulda thought of it!

    1. @Mr. Modtomic
      You know, I thought it looked familiar!

  3. Aw you should have swung up to Chicago!! hehe. I did a short vintage trip to Indy once but was disappointed by the shops, didn't find this one though.

    1. @ The Thriftaholic (Leilani)
      I really should visit Chicago sometime and you should visit Columbus.
      I don't think Domi Style is more than a few years old.