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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Refinishing projects part one- Danish style chair (Status: Bubba the cat approved)

I have picked-up a few project pieces over the months that were scratched, scuffed or battered with the intent to refinish them and sell them at the Fall Flea on October 7 (yes, I'm a tad behind in my posting). I'm kicking this series of posts with the Danish style chair that I found on my Indiana/National Road thrifting trip. 
Here is the chair without it's funky looking/ kitschy upholstery
The finish is a MESS!  Here are a few more detailed shots of the original finish.

Under the semi watchful eye of my supervisor, Bubba...

 I went over the whole chair with Zinsser Strip Fast Furniture Refinisher and .0000 steel wool, which dissolved the old finish; then I sanded the whole thing using my trusty Black and Decker Mouse detail sander.

 The chair looks really good "naked" but I'm going to put a finish on it anyway.  I used two coats of Varathane "Early American" gel stain.  This was the first time I had used this brand and type of stain and I have to say that I liked using this stain because the gel did not leave any drips.
 I taped off the Fagas straps.

I followed up the stain with a couple of coats of Verathane semi gloss polyurethane.  Sorry, these pics look a little dark, which made the stain look un-even, because a storm was approaching.  
Next post will be a round cocktail table that came out very nice!


  1. The sand job looks pretty darn good considering, I assume, you didn't disassemble the piece. I've already burned up (the cheap plastic stand-offs that hold the pad broke into pieces) of one of that particular brand of sander without even giving it that much of a workout and since replaced. I haven't found a cost effective alternative and I plan I just returning for another replacement as needed. I guess these are not made for long term use! The chair has some really nice lines! I normally don't use chemical strippers but might consider this for the right situation. Looks great so far! Like to see some after pics...
    A consignor of mine dropped of a "road" find/kill of a similar chair that she just gave me. If I can save, I'll be posting about soon. It makes your find look pristine! But I paid nothing for it!

    1. @ A Modern Line -I give that mouse a workout but it keeps going; it is starting to make more noise so I don't know how much longer it will last. The little "tool" add-on's have never worked very satisfactorily for me (the finger sander works best but the rounded tool has been a total flop).

      The Zinsser Strip Fast is stronger than the Minwax Antique Furniture refinisher, both are "no-scrape-stripers, but is significantly cheaper (available in gallon cans, as well). I like to use the Zinsser to disintegrate as much of the finish as possible, so as to limit the amount of destructive sanding on thinly veneered pieces (not that it was an issue on this chair.

      The last pics are of the finished chair but the pics just didn't come out well.