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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Greenfield Indiana to Richmond Indiana (Status: last leg of the great Indiana thrifting tour)

The rarity on this trip, a crazy expensive Mid Mod piece-$1200 for this cool lamp in a small antique place just west of Cumberland Indiana.

A very busy week last week followed by a bout with the flu have kept me from finishing my little trip update or going to work.  
Anyway, Cumberland Indiana has a really large antique mall (the National Trail Antique Mall) that is located just a couple of blocks off Route 40.  Here are a few highlights from the store.
The only Franciscan Starburst pieces I saw on the whole trip.  The Mugs were $60 each while the covered divided dish was $95.

I don't know the maker or pattern but this was a very cool collection, sadly they were too expensive for the Bopfish (those tumblers were $11.50 each and there were eight).
Oh man, look at all of that Franciscan autumn leaf and at 20% off!  I couldn't decide so I just left it all there.  Sigh, it's only a two hour trip if I want to snag it.
Other than one end table, this set of four chairs was it for Mid Century furniture at the National Trail Antique Mall ($225 for the set).
My next stop was the Richmond Indiana Salvation Army.
 This chaise doesn't quite look right, does it?
I think this was a daybed but at some point it lost the mattress cushion.  Salvation Army felt it was worth $450 and I didn't.  Well, Salvation Army and I agree to disagree.
This was the last thrift store of my trip and I got my best piece here as well!
Dig that upholstery!  This was a run down Danish style lounge chair that was cheap, cheap, cheap.  I definitely see the potential of this chair and, come on, that upholstery is some killer kitsch!  (I will have a before and after post on this chair soon)
I also found these two tiki mugs for a buck apiece.  They look great on the chair upholstery, huh?
Well, that's it for the Indiana trip; I needed to get back home to my cats (I swear, I'm not a crazy cat guy).


  1. Either you're right about the missing daybed cushion or it's the most uncomfortable daybed ever designed. No matter which, $450 for that is totally ridiculous.

    Hope you're over the flu and feeling much better. Looking forward to your chair post.

    1. @ Dana@Mid2Mod
      The flu is now downgraded to a stuffed up head, thanks for concern!

      I'll post about some recent refinishing in the next day or two.

      I'd be worried that this thing would break in half if you plopped down on the middle.

  2. Thankfully you at least got a couple of nice pieces for your trouble. The lamp, the dinnerware, the first chairs, and the daybed all had to be someones misguided and delusional ideas of manna from heaven! I'd bet the prices will drop dramatically very soon. Look forward to seeing the chair rehabbed and that fabric might just work! $1200 for that lamp and $450 for that daybed?? WTF?

    1. @A Modernline
      That lamp has been sitting in the antique store for sometime; you could see how the price tag had faded and become dirty.

  3. Wow the prices on some of that stuff is insane!!! Those pieces will be there for quite a while...makes you wonder if anyone actually DOES pay those prices. Great score on the chair...the upholstery is just wild! I love it.

  4. The lamp is gorgeous, but over priced even for California standards. I do like the chair a lot. Good deal? I went thrifting myself today and was a little disappointed in the prices.

  5. That wasn't the Salvation Army store. It is Abilities Richmond and the price was 150.00

    It sold for 100.00
    Stop by and visit us again, look forward to meeting you.

    Just found your blog and will add it to my list.