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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day thrifting (status: Thank you to all the Vets)

Right off the bat- My Grandfather served in WW1, My Dad had a brother who was injured at Pearl Harbor then latter killed at the battle of Leyte Gulf and my father was in the Air Force in the Korean War.  I appreciate all of the sacrifices of our veterans; they gave the us freedom to pursue of passions, like thrifting.  Here is tidy little group of stuff  I found on Memorial Day.
I visited 10 thrifts on Memorial Day but really on struck "gold" at one of my stops, Formica at another and tin at another.  Sorry for the lame photos, I should have used a different background since the white seems to make much of this sorta fade into the background, but I was in a hurry.

Here's the goods, starting left on the front row.

I casually refer to this stuff as "Danish tin", even though it is stainless steel.  A couple of Danish made Scanli trays.  I'm not certain what the intended use was for these; probably just trivet trays, cheese servers, mixed nut tray or something to separate your what-not on the dresser.  I've built up quite a collection of these and they are quite handsome with their teak handles (freshly spiffed with Howards Feed-n-Wax).
I am a man of simple pleasures and sometimes the smallest things can make my day, like finding a Prince pattern cold meat serving fork.  I have painfully, slowly built up a 12 place setting collection of Ekco Eterna brand, Prince pattern stainless steel flatware from thrifting (salad forks were the frickin' hardest things to find) and now I am trying to find the elusive serving pieces.  

I found all of this stainless at the Ohio Thrift on East Broad St.

Look, I struck Formica!  It's not a cool Herman Miller mug , like Mr. Modtomic found, but it is another icon of the mid century.  This was at the Goodwill on Morse Rd.

 Probably a month ago I spotted this coffee/ tea pot and the Blue Heaven baking dish at the Ohio Thrift in the Columbus Square shopping center, at the time they were both WAY over priced (for cheap, lil' ole me).  
 A month ago this coffee/ tea pot was $29.99 but had since been marked down to $14.99, then $7.99 and was then on sale (all housewares) for 25% off on Memorial Day (yeah!). 
 I feel like I have seen this pattern before but I can't nail down a manufacturer for the pot; I will see what the folks at Modish ( have to say about it.

This is my second Temporama gravy boat (my other has the great blue under plate).  I think this is my first find, after many visits, at the Gahanna Goodwill.

 This Blue Heaven baking dish was also at the Columbus Square, Ohio Thrift a month ago. It was priced at $15.99 back then and had been marked down to $8.99 then $4.99 and was also part of the 25% off housewares sale for Memorial Day (practically free).
I have four blue heaven baking dishes in various sizes.  I think they were made by Fire King/ Glass Bake/ Anchor Hocking at their plant here in Columbus.

 What is that big, brooding, black pitcher hanging out over in the right hand corner, looking "too cool for school"?
 Why, that's a Royal Haeger R-1619-S flower pitcher vase with ebony cascade glazing.  This mother is a monster, huge pitcher (16 in. tall and 7 3/4 in. diameter) that was really meant to be used as a decorative vase, rather than a functional pitcher.  This also came from the Columbus Square Ohio Thrift. This was a showcase item with an orange tag; hey, orange tags were 75% off (it was a total steal)! 


  1. We have the same Royal Haeger vase, and we recently sold a blue one like it. Cool Blue Heaven and Temporama finds!

  2. Good for you hanging in and getting the deals! I'm not that much into the smalls (more of a furniture geek) but I'm sure my wife would have scammed these for one of our stores if she had seen here locally! They are pretty swell...

  3. I'm really starting to dig the Blue Heaven pattern. It's now second in line to absolute favorite pattern! Nice finds!