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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chinese style T.V lamp (Status: this really is junk)

Chinese style gondola TV lamp; since these chinese boats are called "junks", I guess I bought a real piece of junk (ba-da-bum)!
I found this out on the shelf, not behind the counter, at the Ohio Thrift on South High St. about a month ago.
It has some cute chinese figures on each end

and some neat dragon details on the front, above the grill where the light would shine
and even on the back
The top has a couple of spaces to keep...uh...small plants?  Maybe you place egg rolls in there and keep them warm with the light.  According to TV lamps (dot) net (  Of course there is a site devoted to TV lamps), this lamp was also produced as a table lamp, when the center was drilled out and a light fixture added.
I don't think this is the proper bulb
Because this bulb holds the lamp a couple of millimeters up off the TV
As you can see, gen-u-wine fifties technology-1954-55 Premco Manufacturing of Chicago Il.


  1. fascinates me. Nothing says the 50s to me more than a TV lamp. Every set had one, because all our mothers told us that watching TV in the dark would ruin our eyes. Love your Asian themed find. That was so popular back then.

  2. What a neat site! Never been there before. I agree I dont think that's the right light. Still though, its a GREAT lamp!