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Saturday, June 16, 2012

I've got a can do, can opener, attitude (Status: Bubba the cat approved)

Bubba stopped by just as I was bringing in my cool new vintage electric can opener into the house and stuck around for a quick picture (and some food).
(Yes, the front porch needs painting)
Feast your peepers on this cool General Electric 58 EC 4 electric can opener, with its original stand.
This thing has a great vintage color combination with a sort-a cream or ivory body, a chrome area where the can is positioned (I guess so that it is easy to clean any splatter) and the activation bar is salmon.
I did some searching on-line and found lots of vintage newspaper ads that featured this can opener from 1960 through 1964; I am thinking that the "58" in the model number may refer to 1958 as the year this model was introduced.
The can opener can be detached from the stand...
... and I bet it can be wall or cabinet mounted.

I think that the chrome legged stand is really cool, though (sort-a like a martian war machine from H.G. Wells)
The arm on the side has to be pulled down to make the cutting blade engage the can, I guess it's a kind of "safety", and that also drops the magnet that catches the lid.  My GE  58 EC 4 is in perfect working condition which allowed me to eat my spinach before I went to the gym.

A word about Bubba:  The hillbillies across the street who nominally cared for Bubba were evicted and Bubba has been left to roam the neighborhood.  He is much loved on the street so we are all giving him food and attention.  If anyone is reading this blog and is in the area, Bubba would make a wonderful family cat; he looks rough around the edges but is very calm and friendly.  I have two kittens and only a part time job so I don't think I can take in Bubba, at this time.


  1. aww bubba looks like my cat Oliver, I hope he finds a permanent home soon. Nice of all of you to take care of him though. i have to admit i never saw the point of an electric can opener but yours is pretty cool.

  2. For a moment I thought I was going to read that you were feeding Bubba a can of spinach! Of course he dropped by...he heard a CAN OPENER! comes from a can, right? Sounds like Bubba's gonna be fine for a while. Too bad we aren't closer...I think we're just about ready to bring a new kitty home. Still miss Kennedy though. Oh, and - of course - Love the GE can opener!