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Friday, June 15, 2012

Dansk-e schoen, Goodwill (Status:Flattered by flatware)

I made a super nice score of vintage Dansk flatware at the Morse Rd. Goodwill last week.  This is some pricey stuff, scored for cheap; sadly only one complete place setting and a number of other pieces.
I only found 12 pieces and I even went back the next four days in hope that more would appear but the thrift gods are fickle that way (Thrift god speaking-"I bestow upon you a marvelous find!  Bopfish- "Damn, there's only 12 pieces, and only one complete place setting." Thrift god-" but not too marvelous because I don't want you getting all cocky like you did with that Picasso" Bopfish- "Thank you, your munificence.  Oh hey, could you give me another one of those Picassos?"  Thrift God rumbles menacingly)
So, this is the Fjord pattern designed by Jens Quistgaard In 1953, It features stainless steel on "the business end" and teak handles that are slightly ovoid so they fit your hand better.  These were someones daily users and I had to give the dried out handles a nice coating of teak oil to bring them back to life.
You might not know that the Fjord pattern flatware is the reason Dansk exists.  Jens Quistgaard hand forged the first set and they were on display in the Danish arts and crafts museum where they were seen by a visiting American business man and his wife,  Ted and Martha Nierenberg loved the set and sought out Jens with a proposal for production and thus the Dansk company was formed.  The first production of Dansk was made in Germany, then they moved to Denmark, followed by Japan and now China.  The European made Dansk products are more desirable (woo-hoo, mine is made in Germany!)
I found four dinner forks and one salad fork
Dinner, with four tines 
salad, with three tines (I have trouble finding salad forks in ANY pattern)
Three tea spoons and two soup spoons
Four knives