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Sunday, June 10, 2012

We hold this table to be self evident (Status: makin' a Declaration)

A Drexel Declaration coffee table that I found six months ago.
I dug this up at a junk furniture store near my home town, about six months ago, while out prospecting. This table is a really nice, useful size for smaller houses or apartments(four feet by sixteen inches).
The Drexel Declaration line was designed by Kipp Stewart and Stuart McDougall to reflect a modern take on the traditional furniture styles of shaker and colonial.
 Like most items I find, this coffee table is not perfect
The finish has some worn spots on one end
and the dreaded black ring of death on the other
I am going to try refinishing the top and see if I can bring this lil' darlin' back to walnutty goodness.  If I can't bring it back, I'm only out the $10.00 I paid for the table.
It's another project for the "summer of sawdust".


  1. Oh man, I hate to wait so long for a reveal but presenting the refinished product on July 4 would be Lengen...wait for it....dary!

  2. Why do people sbuse furniture like that?? Hopefully that black ring isn't too deep into the veneer, otherwise it will be the ring of death! Good luck! Hope to see a huge success story!

    1. If it is too deep, I may look into putting in a new piece of veneer.

  3. Can't wait to see how it turns out!