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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Check out this crazy atomic dish pattern (Status: German Village garage sale round up)

I dragged a bunch of "stuff" to the other side of downtown Columbus  to sell at the German Village garage sale last Saturday.  I didn't bring anything great, just a bunch of odds and ends that I wanted to clear out of my house.  I sold a bunch of the "stuff" and only bought this little lot of super cool, super rare, super atomic Stetson dishes.
Doesn't that pattern look like it should say "POW!", "BLAM!"?
I lucked into these because they were for sale at the house where my friend and I set up
The dishes (4 coup bowls, a serving bowl and a platter) are by Stetson and were designed in 1957; I have looked high and low but cannot find a pattern name.  Replacements calls them "Color balls with fireworks" but that seems to be more of a description than the pattern name.
The pattern is an amalgamation of two other Stetson patters, the color balls are from the background of the "Star Explosion" pattern (a near knock off of Franciscan Starburst) and the black explosions are from the "Fireworks" pattern (with little balls added to the ends of the radiating lines).
Notice that the four bowls also have a subdued yellow ocher cloud effect and that the two serving pieces have plain white backgrounds.  These seem to be rather rare, I only found two pictures on the webz, and Mod dish said that this is one of the rarest Stetson patterns. 

I brought 19 pieces of furniture, 8 lamps (including small desk lamp) and a bunch of other random "stuff".  Nothing I brought was super great, except the chairs that I refinished and reupholstered, most of it was random stuff I had picked up over the past year.
Here is a Broyhill desk chair, two small wood and brass table lamps, a 1930s Remington typewriter, white upholstered tripod table, brass and ceramic lotus lamp.... And a wacky drum motif bar (it was a big hit).  That is "Sven" my 1994 Volvo 850 sedan, in the background.
Three more chairs, two end tables from Target and the 4X8 U-Haul trailer I used to transport the "stuff".  I sold a set of four 1970s high, shield back, green velvet chairs as soon as I pulled them out of the trailer at 6:30 A.M.!
A couple of Marcel Breuer Cesca style chairs.
A gaggle of white lamps
Some random glasses that I had picked up over the year hoping to complete sets (some had sold by the time I remembered to take this picture).  A green ice bucket with dancing elephants (I thought you were supposed to see pink elephants when you were drunk...), a Studio Nova hot/cold thermos lined pitcher, a bunch of Franciscan desert rose saucers.  I sold the blue/green glasses to a lesbian couple for use at their commitment ceremony (just the right number and exactly their ceremony colour).
More "stuff".  A couple of small desk lamps, three flip clocks, a Michael Graves tea kettle, vintage Sunbeam iron (with original box tags and instructions), a couple of biomorphic ashtrays, Penguin ice bucket with bakelite handles, repro Nabisco cracker tin, vintage eggbeater and a small leather zippered case (probably for a typewriter but not the Remington).
A 1950s slipper chair, a vinyl Danish style lounger, a Lane side table and a globe
A nice 1970s coffee table (square legs so transitioning from Danish to Mediterranean) and three Triumph TR-2 and 3 hubcaps.

Close up of the hubcaps.  These would have originally come on your Triumph TR 2 or 3, when it left the factory.  Almost everyone replaced these with a set of wire spokes as soon as they could.  They have that neat enamel Triumph globe logo but are not sought after or particularly desirable.

I had a good day.  I sold 12 of 19 pieces of furniture (not the refinished chairs, darn it), most of the glass and ceramics and a bunch of other stuff (but only one white lamp-go figure).  I made a nice little knot of money and cleared some space in the house.  I will be selling at the hipster "Summer Flea", August 5th, and will bring some of my better items to that.


  1. Sounds as if you did very well. Selling 12 of 19 pieces of furniture is pretty amazing, and I'm surprised you didn't sell more of the white lamps.

  2. Yeah, those white lamps are hot! I'd have thought they'd be the belle of the ball. So "Apartment Therapy" looking. Maybe it's the lack of shades?

  3. That's quite a haul! I've been looking everywhere for lamps like those, so I'm sure you'll find an enthused buyer soon. Love the dinnerware as well. Very swanky.