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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Disco days lighting (Status: everything's shiny)

My usual hunting ground, the Volunteers of America on Indianola, provided these two lil' disco biscuits of retro lighting.  Chrome and smoked glass is not really my thing but the price was right and they are in great condition.
Just for the record, "Punk rocks. Disco sucks".
None-the-less, here are two hanging light fixtures from the glory days of disco or maybe the 1980s. 

They were made by Lite Trend, a division of Halo lighting.
When I stepped out of the thrift store, the light hit the chrome reflector and briefly blinded me.
As you can see, you place one bulb (I picture those round white bulbs) in each of the six reflector bays.
and another in the base.
Turn on the selector switch (choice of the bottom light, the six reflector bays or all seven lights).
Make certain you are only using 60 watt bulbs.
Whats really nice about these lamps is that they have been re-wired with a plug , so that you can move them around.
They do have a couple of spots on a couple of the reflectors that stubbornly resisted windex, Goof Off and Goo Gone; I suspect they are some very lite (get it?) surface rust.


  1. Stayin' alive, stayin' alive! What more is there to say? :)

  2. Dude! Get some of those little bulbs that look like a candle flame flickering! That might actually look pretty cool. Or like a Greecian Steak House.