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Friday, July 13, 2012

That is one stacked coffee set (Status: dark roasted)

I found this nice little coffee set in the Delaware Antique Mall about a month ago. 
(I know, it seems like it has been that long since I last posted...).
Work, heat, working in the heat, numerous projects and malaise from how much I dislike my job, all combined to rob me of energy to do much of anything for a few weeks but I'm going to power through it and get back to my lovely blog readers.

Any-whoooo...  Back to the Mid Century goodies!
This was made by Stetson/ Marcrest (there are no makers marks, so I ran them past the good folks at but no one at Modish knows the pattern name. I think the patterns look lie styized dandelion heads so I'm calling it "Dandelion".  
There are six cups and saucers.
Plus a creamer with under plate and covered sugar.
While no one knows the pattern name, Michael Pratt (author of the super cool two volume "Mid Century Modern Dinnerware") did inform me that the shape name is Nest Stone. As you can see, it all stacks, or "nests", so that this set will take up less room in your cupboards!  


  1. Nice to see a post by you pop up. Cool dinnerware find.

  2. what a neat find. would love to come across something like this myself :)

  3. Hey, great minds think alike! I have but one piece of that pattern and it's the sugar cup sans lid. Never could find anything out about it. Nice set!