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Friday, March 2, 2012

School of Bopfish (Status: C. Jere-ish)

Short post today.  I've had this school of Jere-ish fish since summer when I found them at the North High St. Goodwill.
Maybe, if I ever get tired of the string art fish, I will put this in as my blog title background.
Here are some detail shots.
 Can you have an "in the style of..." if the artist never existed?
The piece is only about 21 inches long (not even two feet, what's up with that?) and six inches in height.
It is not a C. Jere piece and was made in Mexico.
I've been busy researching a stunning new find that will be my, fast approaching, 100th post. (Yes, I'm a tease)


  1. I've had and subsequently sold this very same piece. I have to say I loved it and got for a decent price and someone else did as well as I made a bit off the find. No matter where it was made, t was a nice piece!

    1. Don't get me wrong, I really like the piece. I'm just showing that it wasn't C. Jere.

  2. Looking forward to your 100th post! I like your sculpture. How big is it? I dream of finding a C Jere piece at a thrift some day...

    1. I've got a doozie (doozy?) of a 100th post. I did find one C. Jere piece and blogged about it... uh... some time ago. It's a table top sculpture of a tree with a couple of seagulls and big round acrylic balls that was made as an award for Tupperware. It still has all of its tags.