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Sunday, March 4, 2012

By the blogs early light (Status: three if by sea?)

Isn't it weird how streaky thrifting can be? I had a run of lamps in October through December but have not seen a decent lamp since.  Here are three lamps that I picked up in late December.  
I think I have around 30 lamps, not including those little desk lamps, sitting around the house.  Maybe I should start a regular column on lamps and lighting called "Bulbfish".
Okay, from the left.
This is a chintzy little lamp (That base is chrome plastic) that I would not have purchased if it wasn't $2.99.   The base has a fish scale motif (fitting for a blog called Bopfish)
The center lamp has a 1970s avocado feel.  I like the stripes in the glaze but the brown metal base doesn't really send me.  Don't get me wrong, I like this lamp but, again, pretty cheap- I think about $5.99.
This last one is my favorite of the three lamps.  I really like the deeply impressed hexagonal shapes on the lamp base; I find it somewhat elegant and understated.
(Whoops, camera slip)


  1. Cool lamps...I really like the green ones.

  2. I'm with Dana...The lines and the color are great!