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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Heywood Wakefield haul Pt 2 (Status: Wheatie goodness)

Just noticed that this will be post number 99 for the ole Bopfish blog; I am combining what would have been posts 2 and 3 of the Hey Wake haul so that post 100 can be all by-it-self special and not seem like an after thought to the Hey Wake haul.

So the guy I bought these pieces from had a storage unit full (around 175 pieces) of Hey Wake that all needed refinishing.  He loves to refinish HW and sell it at antique sales and flea markets but he bought an old house (from 1810) in a nearby city and the restoration process was taking so much of his time that he couldn't do the HW refinishing thing any longer.
As you can see, this M592 buffet needs some help.I think someone tried to but a gloss amber stain over the original finish and the two finishes did not get along... at all.  Great project for $100.
Here is a close up of a door. 
And the top.  This seems to be mostly normal wear.
Here is one of the shelves on which a calendar became stuck
 Here is the inside of a drawer.  Ink stains and what sorta looks like water stain or something.
Here is the date stamp, Sept 22 1953, these were made from 1953-1954 and there was a removable hutch available.

The last piece I snagged was right in the front and I fell for it immediately.  An M166G gate leg table, made from 1947 through 1955.
Here is its "good" side
Here is its bad side (yes, "bad" is subjective in the case of this table)
Eeeek!  "Rode hard and put up wet" seems fitting, huh?
All folded up, the table only takes up barely more than a foot.
With its blonde wings spread, it soars like a bird!  This sucker could seat eight (people, not birds)
Dig on the cool boomerang shaped gate legs
Oddly, there is only the Heywood Wakefield logo stamped on this table; no model, date, patent or color markings.
I'll probably refinish the chairs from yesterday in wheat to match the table and the buffet.

Stay tuned for the Bopfish 100th post celebration at this blogging channel!


  1. Can't wait to see these babies again when you refinish them! I'm drooling a little thinking about all that Heywood Wakefield you saw at that guy's place, sadly I don't have any pieces!

    1. By the time I got to the guy, he only had about 70 pieces left. I hesitate to think how much I would have purchased if I had been there when his storage locker was full!

  2. You really hit the Heywood Wakefied motherlode, didn't you! Congratulations!

  3. This is the same table I refinished in wheat and it's on our floor right now, although mine is teamed with "bowtie" chairs. The shape of the gate legs on this set really make the piece. Both pieces look like great candidates for refinishing. Look forward to some after pics!

    1. Bowtie chairs would look sweet with this table; they would totally complement the legs.