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Monday, March 12, 2012

Heywood Wakefield haul (Status: part 1 of 2)

Last week I spotted an ad on Craigslist for a guy selling a storage unit full of Heywood Wakefield furniture, CHEAP.  Okay, it ALL needs totally refinished but, did I mention that it was CHEAP?  I picked up a few potentially nice pieces, starting with these  four C157 side chairs.
I was late to spot this ad (I admit, I don't comb through Craigs everyday or, some times, even every week) so he had sold about half his stash by the time I contacted him.  I consider myself lucky to get a few pieces which will probably be a major spring project that has me sneezing sawdust.

 The upholstery is not only stained, dirty, worn and tattered but it is a hideous faux needlepoint.  Dig how the waist of the chair tapers near the seat.

I think the wood detail along the side makes the chairs look "leggy", sleek and sophisticated.
All of the damage to the wood is confined to the finish and is mostly on the lower legs or the top of the side wood.  Again, these were cheap- $25 a piece, how could you turn them down?

Heywood Wakefield always marks their pieces so well; there is seldom any doubt about the model of the finish name.  These C157 chairs were made for three years (1947-50) so I don't think they are exactly rare (feel free to correct me Mr. A Modern line). 


  1. Wow, if the haul is a three-parter, it must have been substantial. Congrats!

  2. These are the very first H/W chairs I ever refinished about 10 or so years ago. The price you paid was great, but the price you are going to pay is yet too come! Keep your fingers crossed that the last time someone had these apart they didn't glue the dowels that hold the side staves to the sides of the seats. You really will need to take them apart for the redo. These are some of the most challenging chairs I've ever had the (dis)pleasure of rehabing and I've done two complete sets including the upholstery work. I would recommend that whatever fabric you choose for your recover not be too heavy and have some flexability as these all over upholstered backs are not fun! The rest of the chair is pretty standard for refinishing though. I have a couple of extra of these chairs left over if you want to round out a complete set of six. Not sure I can let you have for $25 but I'll give you a good deal! These chairs are not all that common...

  3. I can't wait to see what else you got! Great chairs.