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Monday, March 26, 2012

Yugo-mod, Slavic modern or Danelavic modern folding rope chairs (Status:Tough to follow-up post number 100)

Hard to follow up finding a signed Picasso so let's just go back to business as usual-finding cool stuff!
Today I found these two Yugoslavian made, danish folding rope chairs at the thrift.
These two chairs were obviously styled after (design was ripped off from...) the 1949 Hans Wegner design for Johannes Hansen's Mobelsnedker (reintroduced in 1991 by PP Mobler as the PP-512).

These folding rope chairs had not been sitting on the floor long and they attracted quite a bit of attention; I had five people brazenly come up to my cart, start inspecting the chairs and ask if I was going to buy them (duh, they are IN MY FREAKING CART).  

Here are some pics of the larger chair that is on the right in the headline picture

Here are some shots of the woven rope seat and back

There is some damage to this chair.  Here is some sort of stain on the lower back (hoping I can scrub it out or use "Magic Stain Eraser")
There are also a couple of untied ropes, like this one.  It seems to be a common issue with these folding rope chairs and should be easy to correct.
The chair folds for easy storage.

The other chair is very similar but is slightly smaller, has a more complex folding system and the rope is either a synthetic or has a glossy coating.

Here are some pictures of the seat and back

This is a close-up of the glossy or synthetic rope.
Here is the smaller chair folded.

There are some significant differences to the folding mechanisms of the two chairs.
Here is the complex system of the smaller chair (watch out not to pinch your fingers)
and the simpler system of the larger chair
Here the chairs are folded and lying flat where you can see some differences in the construction.
As you can see, both chairs were built in the Danish workshops (sweatshops?) of Tito's, Communist, workers paradise-Yugoslavia.


  1. I love rope chairs, especially the folding ones!

  2. Love 'em. Found a matched pair of c-list last year for cheap. Was gonna use them for "drive in" chairs but eventually sold them to somebody who wanted them more than I did!

  3. Nice! Hope you can get the stain out. Those are gonna work great for summer lounging.

  4. Nice job on the Dispatch interview. You'll be famous at the VOA!

  5. I love finds like that, especially when you have to defend them from grubby handed lookey-lou's who would see sudden heart failure as their go-ahead to snag those chairs right out of your cart!
    I have an identification issue (not mine, most days): I have a folding chair, vintage, rope. But, black rope. Woven through small holes in the wood frame, and then tied simply under the seat. Coolest darn thing I have ever seen. No name. No country. Nothing. Anyone care to enlighten me? Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler? Thanks.