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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sunburst or starburst? (Status;Clocking in)

I've been in the depths of a massive thrifting strikeout streak; I think this starburst/sunburst clock might have begun to get me on track again.
My strikeout streak reached almost 80 stores before I found this Westclox Sunburst clock.  In my desperation I traveled to Lima Ohio (2 hours north west of Columbus); I checked all the usual suspects (Goodwill, St. Vinnie's and the Community Relief store) and came up empty handed.  On my way out of Lima I happened to spot the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and decide to give them a shot. Good thing I stopped because I found this, my very first sunburst/starburst clock, for next to nothing.
It has a little paint on some of the burst tips but some Goof Off should handle that.
I really should have cleaned my clock but, still, look at that cool face!  The hour hand is super cool, as are the numerals.
There isn't any model info on the clock but it is equipped with a cord to be plugged into the wall and it works.
Here is a slightly angled view that shows the dimension of the burst a little better.  The clock is rather small, measuring about one foot across from burst tip to burst tip.


  1. I love these clocks! The fact they actually have to be plugged in makes them great all by itself. This one looks really nice and should clean up nicely.

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  3. Yeah Lima! :) Headed there Sunday but not for thrifting. Hope your cool clock find was the start of more good things to come.

  4. Great find! I usually call them starburst although this one reminds me more of the sun. Then again the sun is a star so I guess it's the same thing!

  5. Cool find! I have a thing for clocks.

  6. So pleased to find this post! I love these clocks. Yours is awesome. They are quite hard to come by here in Australia and often ridiculously expensive. The hands and numbers are so cool. And I have been wondering for a while myself is it sun or star? [how I found you] Have you found any further info anywhere? Cheers Sandy