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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Which post do you want (Status:sort of a contest)

What do you want to see me post about-
1. lamp (oh, geez another lamp...c'mon)
2. Spoon (really, how good could a spoon be) 
Hmmm, there must be something special about each of these but that's all I'm saying right now.


  1. I'm more of a lamp guy, but if the spoons got cache then I want to see as well...

  2. I like lamps too A Mod, but maybe "Spoon" is a verb. Do we really want to see that? And Bopfish, a nice spoon on a cold winter morning is a nice way to wake a spoon can be pretty good! I'm going with Lamp. Show Me The Lamp!

  3. I love lamp!

    (Anchorman reference, sorry, couldn't help myself!)

  4. Both, but if I have to choose give us the lamp!