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Monday, December 26, 2011

Mmmmm, hot bean juice, mud, caffe, joe (Status: Positively percolating post)

One of those new fangled drip coffee makers just doesn't cut it for the person with mid mod sensibilities.  No, that's when you've got to find a classy, mod, hot bean juice percolating machine like this beaut!

When I saw it at the Goodwill on High St., I was very attracted; I mean, look at the finial on the lid and the great French curves on the handle.  Details, people, details- even the tip of the spout has been designed.

Yeah, I knew I wanted this sucker but... where's the cord?  Ah, there it is!  Okay, we're going home together.
Hmmm, how strong do I want my coffee?
Let's flip the pot over and see who built this lovely mud maker...


  1. Obviously you'd want the 'stronger' cup, right?? While I drink coffee every day I rarely make it at home! I'd buy this percolator though just for the design, it would be happy just living in my kitchen.

  2. That's a sharp looking percolator! Some day we got to get together for a cuppa. I like it strong but with lots of cream and sugar too!

  3. @The Thriftaholic (Leilani)- I never make coffee at home but that pot HAD to come home with me; maybe I'll make coffee more often now.
    @ Mr. Modtomic- One of these days I will drive a van over to the STL and go-a-pickin'. Or maybe I'll see you at the Cinci Mid Century and Art Deco show at the end of Feb.