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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cold lampin' (Status: the people have spoken)

You all just can't get enough of the lamps and won't even give a spoon a chance; I guess it wasn't really a fair fight, poor little spoon, when you're up against a light.  

Boo-ya!  Laurel Lamp Company mushroom table lamp with original globe found at the North High St. Goodwill on Saturday, December 10.  I thought this was a cool lamp, then I spied the label and saw it was by the same company that made the kick-arse abstract brass lamp I found in October.

These were made in different colors (I've seen red, yellow, green, black, or white enamel) and also different metals (I've seen chrome, smoked chrome, matte brass, polished brass, "Swedish" brass,  polished aluminum and the brushed aluminum on mine) between the late 1950s and late 1970s.
 It was half off lamp day at the Goodwill, too.  


  1. Wow, That lamp is amazing! I cannot believe you found that at the High Street Goodwill and it was cheap! I honestly don't get their pricing methods. That's in my neck of the woods and you seem to have great luck there. I had some luck at Indianaola VOA yesterday but nothing compares to that lamp! Nice job!! Ok, now i'm intersted in the spoon.

  2. JEALOUS. I went a little crazy with vintage lamps and ran out of room in my apartment so have cut myself off from buying more. If I spied this lamp for so little $$ though I'd probably break my self imposed ban.

  3. @BrendaG510- I was in the Indianola VOA around 6:00 yesterday but left empty handed; what did you pick-up?
    @The Thriftaholic (Leilani)- I've got around 20 table lamps and, probably, another 12 little desk/ task lights (yikes!). I tell myself that they are stock for the eventual antique mall booth that becomes a full blow store.

  4. I was there around 11:00. I found 5 small triangle stainless candle holder marked Denmark, a very retro gravy boat..aqua blue speckled, a pyrex blue horizon baking dish and a Franciscan coffee pot (wheat design not MCM) but that was my best find for the day for 2.92. I rarely if ever find stuff at the Clintonville stores so I consider that a very successful trip.

  5. @BrendaG510- Hey I found one of those triangular Danish stainless candle holders today at the Indianola VOA. Drop me an email through the contact on my profile and I'll get it to you so your set can be complete.

  6. I don't seem to get an option to "contact" when I view your profile and I am logged in. Thank you for the offer but I should really give you one of mine so you can have a pair to use (or sell). I see them on-line in sets of 2 or 4...6 seems a little gluttonous especially since I honestly am not sure yet what I'll even do with them. We're currently just casual collectors but our collection is getting a bit larger than we probaby need! I just can't get over the thrill of the hunt for all things amazingly retro and MCM!