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Saturday, July 2, 2011

McCobb chairs from the Goodwills of the world, unite! Status: copying Mr. Modtomic

On my birthday, last november, the Thrift Gods (Salvi, Goodwin, Volam and all the other lesser deities) decided to give me a great big present of two Paul McCobb arm chairs (host and hostess chairs)!

When I walked into the furniture room at the local Goodwill, two employees were standing just inside the door, trying to decide where to place these two chairs.  

Like Mr. Modtomic, I too realized these were special but did not recognize who made them.  I told the associates that I wanted the chairs so they could just take them to the register (they laughed).

When I got them home, I immediately searched for Winchendon on the usual suspects, eBay and Google.
They have some condition issues, one has a chip on it's arm and several holes in the cane back.

The other only has this diagonal break in the cane.
Oh, the other great thing about this find is that I got them for 50% off because the Goodwill was BURSTING with furniture!


  1. Oh dude! That is so totally awesome! We're like McCobb twinzies! If you get around to replacing the caning before I do either post it here or let me know how it goes. I'll do the same.

    Mr. Modtomic

  2. gorgeous score. its easy to replace cane, you can always take it to an upholstery place too if you're nervous about doing it. I'm friends with Paul McCobbs daughter. She was stunned I "knew" who her father was, seems most people don't.