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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Found a lil' piece of heaven this week- Blue Heaven, that is. Status: Dishin' with the Bopfish

I did not get out to the thrifts, garage, estate or auctions much this week but I did find this little 31 piece Royal China (I'll call it a) coffee set at Goodwill (not the same one where I found the Jamaica Bay jackpot). Woo-hoo!

 There are no dinner plates or serving pieces, just bread plates, saucers, cups and an ashtray (ladies had to get their smoke on, at bridge club).

As you can see, there are 7 cups, 11 saucers, 9 bread plates, 1 handled cake plate, 1 creamer, 1 sugar and an ashtray: I wish there was a coffee pot (oh well, if wishes were fishes we'd all be Bopfish- or something like that).  You would think, since Royal China was made in Ohio, that I would be tripping all over this stuff but this is the first Blue Heaven I have found (Okay, I have a Blue Heaven ceramic cooking pot somewhere but I didn't know until recently that it was Blue Heaven).


  1. Nice...I'd love to have found that set. Mostly because of the ashtray! I ain't gots one of those yet. Your joint looking all crazy (like ours) cuz of all the stuff you're bringing home yet?

  2. @Mr.Modtomic- My house looks like a candidate for "hoarders".

  3. Wow!! Me = Jealous!!