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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vintage 1957 men's magazine Status: Va-va-voom!

I found this June, 1957 issue of Nugget magazine at a very cool garage sale (where I found the flowered curtains and the two American of Martinsville end tables).  It's in pristine condition; let me share a bit.

I believe that this magazine eventually became a porn rag but the June 1957 issue was still a magazine that  played with a nudge and a wink rather than wacking you over the head with a pair of double Ds.

The lead story is an interview with Monique Van Vooren, a Belgian born night club singer and a movie actress actress (bit parts like "Girl in bed" in the Dean Martin film "Ten Thousand Bedrooms").  You can almost hear her purr through the interview where she compares the relative merits of various actors (she dated Rex Harrison and some other European actors), musicians (Frank Sinatra is "arrogant" and Elvis is "for children") and nationalities (American men are "bust crazy" and Frenchmen are "self centered").  Personally, I pictured her reclining on a circular bed wearing nothing but a white fur coat for the interview.
There are several works of fiction that always stop just short of anything happening; again "sexy" not "sex", like this story about a young man's experience in the exotic Casbah (rock the Casbah, indeed).
There is a sexy but artistic nude photo shoot.
and some sexy cartoons full of double entendre and sly winks
Please miss, would you mind putting up your top?
There is even a travel article that touts the exotic and erotic charms of the Isle of Capri, accompanied my some lovely illustrations but, oddly, no actual photographs of Capri.
I guess this magazine made a good profit on it's fifty cent cover price because there are very, very few advertisements; even the back is given over to another cartoon.
I always say that a woman is known by the company that keeps her

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