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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wanna chip and some dip to go with it? Status: I like chips but I don't like dips

I was out thrifting in Columbus and I only found a couple of nice chip and dip sets.  I found this California wear set at a Village Thrift store; it had a red $8.99 tag but red tags were discounted 75%!  Wish it had it's lazy susan...

Down the street, at the Volunteers of America, I found this set of glass bowls printed with pink and purple diamonds (pretty cool looking, huh?).  The set is missing the hanger that would hold the smaller bowl on the inside rim of the larger bowl- maybe I can make one because those always seem to be missing.

Sorry for short post today; latter this week I'll do a posting on my trip to Akron where I found some nice stuff.

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