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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Was that a blimp? Goodies from my trip to Akron.

I traveled up to Akron to visit my friend Kelly about a month ago but it has been so blasted hot in Columbus that I just could not drag the table and goodies out into the blast furnace heat to take pictures. 
But wait, there is more after the jump- stuff that wouldn't fit in the group picture!

I've made a couple of attempts to get everything into one shot but this triple cone floor lamp is so tall it leaves me with too much clutter in the "negative space" (remember, I used to work at an arts center).

My friend Kelly found this lamp sitting out for the trash and rescued it, only to find that it did not work (guess that explains the trash).  She could not bring herself to toss it so she gave it to me.  I have a triple globe floor lamp that I bought a few years ago that has snapped off at the base; I am hoping to transfer the wiring to bring the triple cone lamp  back to life.  It will need a few other repairs, as well, such as the brass has been polished off of some of the top of the pole, the white base is scratched as are the cones.  I may just spray the pole and base black and respray the cones

But what's on the table Mr. Bopfish, some of it looks cool and I can't see what some of it is because of your terrible photograph (I hear ya'.  I made two separate attempts to get a decent image but kept getting white glare and a slightly out of focus image- I blame the heat and humidity)

In the front from left to right.
A "blue Points" dinner plate (I actually got a partial set the day before I traveled to Akron)

In the center is an Ekco Eterna spoon, I think it's for sugar, that looks like a shovel (I've started picking up random silverware if it looks cool or is made in europe).
Next is a Royal China "Star Glow" dinner plate.  I have 5 or 6 pieces in this pattern even though I personally don't care for it (looks more like a snowflake than a star) but I plan to open an Etsy store and I know this pattern has it's fans.
Last in the front, on the Wright (get it,  I kill me sometimes), is a Russel Wright for Steubenville bread Plate (It was a dollar)
Arcing across the back, from the left.
I kinda went nuts at one resale stores salt and pepper section because they were all priced at one dollar.  A pair of walnut or maybe teak rectangular salt and peppers.  There is no maker on them.
A nice Mar Crest Melmac divided bowl in white.  Kelly talked me into this, I usually go for the coloured melamine ware but I didn't have a serving bowl like this.
I call these my "chrome weeble wobble salt and peppers", and they really do wobble but they won't fall down.  Hey, you can see the camera and I.
to use them you take off the tops, which are actually metal and not plastic.
They are by a japanese company but I don't recognize the logo- anyone know?
Pretty much in the back center is this decent sized McCoy planter/ pot.  I probably would have passed on this since it's a pretty common style but the price was just too good.

Next is a cute little pair of Norwegian teak and stainless steel salt and peppers.  This is pretty much what I think of when I think about what a Scandinavian s&p set should look like (I think about this a lot-HA!).

Second to last on the table is a flip clock radio by DYN.  I have a collection of flip clocks but I usually skip the clock radios because they are pretty common.  I bought this one because it looks like it should be on Alpha Moonbase in Space 1999 (and it was cheap).
I saved my favorite for next to last.  Yeah, the bowling ball and bowling pin salt and pepper shaker set.  I was going to pass on all the s&p sets until I spotted these babies- you could say they got the ball rolling  or that I found them striking so I had to pick up some spares (thank you, thank you; I'll be here all week).
One last item that is not in the group photo.  This nice textured, two- tier, fiberglass shade was on a cheap french renaissance looking lamp that has been broken and poorly glued back together.  I brought the lamp to the counter and asked if I could just buy the shade (no), paid ($12), then un-screwed the finial, took off the shade and said "you can keep the lamp" and split.  As Kelly and I were sitting in the back parking lot, I saw an employee toss the lamp in the dumpster.
All told, a tidy little haul of mostly small items; next time I go I will document some of the stores and some cool architecture to be found in the "Rubber City".

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