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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hometown SCORES! (part the second). Status: sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay in posting the rest of my latest scores found in my hometown but some things occurred (including forgetting my camera),

Any-who, This part of the haul may not have the cachet of Brasilia or Goodform but they are some nice, solid, good looking pieces.

Like this spectacular lamp/ table combo.  This sucker is almost monumental in size; it is a little over five feet tall and that mottled orange, onion shaped base piece is three and a half feet in circumference.  When I found it at the junk furniture store, the wood was filthy, dry and badly sun faded.  I cleaned the wood with some murphy's oil soap  then I got out the .0000 steel wool and Howard's Restore-a-finish, which really evened out the sun faded portions, a day latter I gave it an application of Howard's Feed-n-Wax so that it almost GLOWS with health!  All I need to do is rewire it.

That lamp/ table will look very nice beside this orangey- yellow lounge chair made by Style House Custom Furniture for Montgomery Ward.  It has some features that are reminiscent of Milo Baughman, like the back cushion; I wish it had an ottoman, though.  The seat is super solid, none of the springs are sprung and the upholstery is in very good condition.

Finally, there is this huge double decker coffee table with no makers name.  Five and a half feet long with really cool upturned ends; this will eventually be a nice table but is currently in rather sad condition.
It is filthy, and has been roughly treated, luckily the damage has been confined mostly to the finish. since it was only $8.00, I figured this would make a good piece on which to experiment since I can't really screw it up much more than it's current condition and, if I do, I'm not out a pile of cash.  For good or bad, I will do a post on the restoration process.


  1. Wow - that table/lamp combo is AMAZING! Can you spill the beans about where your hometown is so I can go junking there? :)

  2. What an amazing find! New to your blog and now your newest follower - can't wait to see what more you find.

  3. Some days the Thrift Gods smile on you!
    Mitzi- A guy has to keep some secrets... BTW, loved those danish wall sconces you had a couple weeks ago.
    DearHelenHartman- Welcome aboard the good ship Bopfish!