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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

C. Jere can be seen here. Status: Bubba approved

Many months ago I was out thrifting on the west end of Columbus, and having a darn disappointing day of it, until I found this little tabletop C. Jere sculpture (that is not only a sculpture).

It is also an award for Tupperware sales!  I wonder how long Tupperware gave this sculpture to it's "Fountain of Friendship" winners?

The sculpture is a little over one foot high, from quartz base to tip of the furthest copper bird (seagull?)
I don't know why the winner left it on, but the original "Artisan House" tag is still attached.  "An original sculpture from the C. Jere collection".

 I'm not certain what the clear acrylic balls represent (water- to go with the fountain concept. a nebulous "spirit"- to go with the friendship theme) the birds probably mean "Hope".
It's my only C. Jere piece (so far) and I think it's pretty unique.


  1. Bubba! Love that guy! That's a pretty cool Jere, too. Never seen one like it before. Quite unique indeed. Find yourself a Jere collector who also collects Tupperware and you'll make a mint!