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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thrifts over flowing with manna! (Status: Bubba and Max the cats approved)

Summer has come to an end and the drought at the thrifts seems to be ending as well!  Witness the bounty brought forth by the thrift gods on 10/22/2012.
I had a little supervision while shooting the photos for this post; that's Bubba on the left and Max on the right, they don't offer much input but help keep an eye on the goods.

I was out and about on Monday, October 22, filled with the thrifting spirt, finding my way to fifteen stores where the thrifting gods smiled upon their humble servant Bopfish.
The "goods" from lower left.

There were only five of these awesome tiki themed siesta-ware mugs but, go on, tell me you would have passed on them (I'll give you a second to think about your answer)... Oh, I forgot to mention that they were priced at $2.99 for all five... Yeah, I didn't think you'd pass on 'em.  Coincidentally, I was going to our new Tiki bar, The Grass Skirt, for the first time later that evening (you know that the thrift gods are closely related to the cargo cult god Jon Frum which explains the convergence of tiki culture and thrifting culture).
Just to the right of the Siesta-ware, are a few steak knives that are knock offs of Dansk.  I have a ton of these knives along with two full matching carving sets, I buy 'em whenever I see 'em.  I also discovered four very rare long handled tea spoons made by Ekco/Epic.  
They are part of the inelegantly "named" EKS5 pattern, which I refer to as "diamonds and x's".  You can see that one is badly damaged, missing a chunk of the brown composite handle (the thrift gods love to give you part of what you seek).
Speaking of "part of what you seek", that was the theme for the day.  Here are two Salem Northstar bread plates.  They're in perfect condition, but just two bread plates....
This was a really great find in many ways.  Sixteen pieces of an Epic/Ekco pattern for which I have yet to find a name.  The thing is, I have a bunch of spoons and knives-I need forks, specifically salad forks.  Oh well, the thrift gods did provide me with a round bowl sugar spoon (on the far left), which I did not have.
Cool, Metlox Poppytrail with the Navaho design!  one bowl, two bread plates and eleven saucers...wait... where are the freakin' coffee cups! (shakes hand angrily at the sky)
Oh no they di-n't!  Yeah, six Taylor Smith Taylor Cathey saucers without coffee cups!  Okay, now the thrift gods are just fu..(it's a family blog)...fusking with me; giving with one hand and taking with the other.
 Yep, more bread plates, five of 'em  (Now, now, Bopfish, there are thrifters out there who are starving for the smallest morsel of Cathey; you should be thankful to the thrift gods for bestowing these crumbs upon you for .50ea).
"How about a nice yellow Blendo pitcher to sooth your rumpled feathers", say the thrift gods?  $1.99?  "Thank you, don't mind if I do", replies the Bopfish.
A lamp, that has a quartzite feel to it.  It's not spectacular, being beige and brown, but at $2.99 I couldn't pass up the sexy walnut neck.
Bubba takes benign notice of the lamp and declares it "okay".
I really like this small all metal globe, even with a dent in Greenland.  It's only about 10 inches high and has that neat stand.
I love this three piece tin stacking snack set.   Popcorn, pretzels and nuts all stacked together.  It's in pristine condition, despite being made of pretty thin tin.
This is the second Raffia ware ice bucket that I have found.  My other one has a small crack in the lid; this one doesn't have a scratch on it!  (Okay, the thrift gods were makin' it up to me with the snack set and Raffia ice bucket)
How about this kick a... butt salmon colored ceramic lamp!  It stands about 16 inches tall (from table base to base of the bulb) and has that cool incised flattened oval design all over it.  I usually don't spend more than $10 on a lamp but this baby was worth tithing the thrift gods $12!
Here is Max getting enlightened about the thrift gods.


  1. Wow, this took me on a trip down memory lane. My mom had some of those wooden handled mugs, except hers were a dark brown shiny glass with no pictures. I had forgotten all about them. You made some great finds!

  2. Good for you. You got some terrific finds there. I'm digging the lamps. I disagree with you on the brown though. I thinks it's beautiful.

    A couple of weeks ago I ran into similar set of silverware. Nearly every piece was cracked. I was so disappointed. Nothing like a buzz kill when you spot a great item from across the room and discover it's damaged.

  3. Great finds! Silverware always sells for me. I get a bundle of mix and match look alikes and off they go! Love the lamps too!

  4. I love it all! What luck on the Ice bucket!