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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Picasso guy's last stand- READERS DIGEST (Status: bad hair day)

This is it, I swear; no more thrift store Picasso stories.  The December issue of Readers Digest (the Miracles issue) is on the news stands now and if you open it to page 128 you can see this bozo and the Picasso print he found.

This is what the front cover looks like.

I'm sure you will find it in Doctor and Dentist waiting rooms for decades to come.
They had wanted to fly me to New York to appear on Katie Couric's afternoon talk show but that was wiped out by hurricane Sandy, which struck on the day I was to land.  Oh well, cest' la vie.


  1. Laughing at the waiting room comment...and too bad about the Katie Couric show.

  2. Man, you really got a lotta milage out of your 15 minutes of fame! Maybe there's still time for a TV appearance!

  3. well... this is new to me!! (as i just met you this october!) how fun!! (now i'm going to have to back track your blog to read up on your amazing find!!)