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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Acclaim haul (Status:Achieving a little acclaim)

The Sunday before Veterans Day, I stopped at a garage sale.  There was a chair that, from  the street, looked promising but turned out to have been cat clawed.  Chatting with the women having the sale, they mentioned having an orange chair in the basement and I was welcome to check it out.  The chair was a bust but I did see this...
When I asked if this square Lane Acclaim (coffee or corner) table might be for sale, the woman who owned it said "there are two more pieces that go with it, would you want them, too?" "Yes. yes I would"
So, I got two step end tables as well!  Yea me!
All three pieces will need to be refinished

But it was a great snag for... $20!  I already have a Lane Acclaim long cocktail table stripped for refinishing so this will make quite the set.


  1. Although these tend to turn up quite often, you don't often get to pick for $20. Nice score!

  2. $20? Wow, you couldn't leave those behind for the price.

  3. NICE haul! You could do absolutely Nothing to those and Easily triple your money!